Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Chirp.io Makes Picture Sharing Easy

Transferring pictures from a student iPad to a teacher iPad just got easier. Chirp.io, a free app available in the iTunes Store, makes file transfer simple. While this app is designed for an iPhone, it works just as well on an iPad.

I recently demonstrated Chirp.io at the Michigan Association of Computer Users in Learning (MACUL) Conference. With this app, I was able to "send" a photo from my iPad to over 75 people instantly.

While there are other apps that can accomplish the same task (Bump, PhotoSynch), Chirp.io does it in a way that others do not. Chirp.io uses sound waves to transfer the files.

Imagine this scenario: you want all of your iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone holding students to visit a website that you have selected. You can have them launch Safari and enter the URL, or, you can send them all the link via Chirp.io.

The process is easy. Your have a sending device and one or more receiving devices. All devices launch Chirp.io. The sender takes a new picture using the device camera, selects a photo from the camera roll, adds a note, or adds a link and transmits an audio signal. The receiver launches Chirp.io and simply waits for the application to "hear" the senders signal. Once the signal is heard, the file magically is received.

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