Thursday, March 7, 2013

Flash Card For Sale

I was rummaging though some old technology at home the other day and ran across the item pictured here.  This is a Sony 16 MB memory stick that I must have purchased, but never used, quite some time ago. The price tag on it is accurate. $49.99 for a 16 MB stick.

I had my son, Matt, do some quick calculations for me to compare prices of old and prices of new.  Take a look to see what he has found.

If flash memory pricing of today had the same pricing as the old, you would be shelling out quite a bit more for your portable memory.

MB = Megabyte, GB = Gigabyte, TB = Terabyte

1 GB = 1024 MB

1 TB = 1024 GB = 1,049,000 MB

The cost per MB is calculated by dividing the cost by the size of the stick.
$49.99 / 16 MB = $3.12 / MB

Remember, 1 GB = 1024 MB

Then, a 1 GB flash drive today would cost a whopping $3,195 (1024 x $3.12).

That handy 4 GB flash drive that you received as a gift at your last tech event would cost $12,780.

The nice 32 GB flash drive available at Costco for $25 would cost you a mind boggling $102,236.

The relatively small, in today's terms, 1 TB external hard drive at Best Buy for $100 would set you back $3,272,880.

Well, I am willing to part with this gem. I'll take cash.

Don't forget to claim your free flash drive on your taxes.

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