Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Flubaroo Makes My Job Easier


As teachers, we are being asked to do more and more every year. As the stakes for assessments have increased, we are expected to use formative and data-driven assessments to increase students success in our classrooms. With a full load of students this year, I have been forced to reassess how I can gather data quickly enough from 150 students in order to make the data useable.

Last spring Dan Scott, Jenison Director of Orchestras, introduced me to a program called Flubaroo, a grading tool used in coordination with a Form created in Google Apps. Currently, I use the Flubaroo script for pre & post-testing for each unit as well as grading a weekly homework assignment for students.

To gather and analyze data quickly I do the following:

1 - Create multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank questions using a form on Google Drive.

2 - Post my form on my website or email it to my students.

3 - Google Drive automatically collects data in a spreadsheet as students complete the assignment.

4 - The Flubaroo tool can be installed into spreadsheet. (Insert - Script)

5 - Flubaroo allows you to create a key and check all the responses, in minutes!

Students complete a pretest for their Earthquakes & Volcanoes unit. I project the spreadsheet so that they can watch their names appear in the spreadsheet after they submit their answers.

One of the biggest advantages to the Flubaroo script is the variety of ways it displays data. In addition to grading all the assignments in a matter of minutes, Flubaroo also shows the average for all the assignments, computes the average score for individual questions and flags low-scoring questions. Two of my favorite functions are the ability to see a grade distribution graph for each question and the option to email each student their grade, including an answer key and the answers they chose.

(This summary is visible at the top of each graded spreadsheet)


Points Possible 15

Average Points 12.08

Counted Submissions 78

Number of Low Scoring Questions 1

This blog posting was submitted by Kristin Graham, Science Teacher at Jenison Junior High School.

Jenison Public School teachers, if you would like some Flubaroo training, contact Dave Tchozewski, Director of Information Technology to set up an appointment.

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