Monday, November 12, 2012

European Exploration Using QR Codes

QR codes are everywhere these days! I even noticed one on my pizza box this weekend. An abbreviation for QUICK RESPONSE, QR codes allow the user to quickly access information by simply scanning them on their computers, iPads, or phones. Familiarity with their uses and access is a life skill with numerous classroom possibilities!

Last week, Pinewood's room 28 became a sunken ship full of artifacts like gold, silver, compasses and flags.  Students “swam” around the classroom to collect an artifact and then brought it back to their desk. Working with a partner and a lap-top computer, kids scanned the QR code found on their artifact and accessed information about how that particular artifact was important in European Exploration.  

The kids had a great time combining technology and social studies.  At the end of the lesson, several students said they never knew what those black and white 'splottchy' things were until now.  They were excited to see that those codes can hold important information!


I used the app 'Qrafter' on the ipad to create the QR codes and the kids used the website:  http:// to read the codes.

Michelle U’Ren
5th Grade
Pinewood Elementary

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