Monday, September 3, 2012

JPS Classroom Technology

Over the summer, Jenison technology staff, working with Moss Communications, installed and/or updated classroom technology throughout the district.  With close to 240 classrooms, this was no small project.  Most of the classrooms will be fully functional when students return on September 4.  While some tweaking will most likely be needed, the majority of classrooms will provide a new type of learning environment for students.

The typical classroom will have an new teacher computer (iMac), a document camera (The Hovercam T3), a digital projector (Epson 96W), and integrated sound system (Lightspeed 855), an Apple TV, and an iPad.

The iPad and Apple TV pairing will allow teachers to make use of the district wide wireless internet access that was installed in December 2011.  By using the Apple TV, teachers will be able to wirelessly send audio and video from their iPad to the projector.  And, because it is wireless, teachers will be able to move throughout their classroom using the iPad and even handing it off to students for them to show the class what they are viewing on the iPad.

The state-of-the-art integrated sound system allows teachers to clearly communicate throughout the classroom using a lightweight microphone that they wear hanging from a lanyard. The teacher computer, iPad, and VCR/DVD players will also transmit their audio through the system.

Great technology enhanced lessons are ahead for JPS students!

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  1. SO EXCITED to use my new technology in the classroom Dave! Thanks to you and EVERYONE in the tech department that worked SO hard to get our classrooms ready :)