Monday, September 24, 2012

Great Free Apps

Great free apps!

Best Sand Timer-- this can be used to help create more effective transitions. We use it after writing when the student need to clean up their writing. They get one minute to organize and be back at our meeting area.  We choose a good example student who can choose the alarm sound for the next day. This is a great motivator for many students. Just a helpful hint, if you are using the document camera right before you use any app, you can put the iPad under the document camera and skip a few extra steps mirroring your iPad.

Curiosity School-- a great science app. We use it whole group, but older students could do it in smaller groups. It shows an experiment, how to set it up, and the basic scientific principles. They are short and ask students questions at the end.  FYI: this is a large app and will take a while to download.

Too Noisy-- exactly what it sounds like.  It measures the noise and changes a happy face to sad as the noise increases. It works great when you are working in one area of the classroom with a group of students while another group of students is working in another area. It will remind them (and you if you mirror) when the group is getting too noisy.

Reviews provided by Sabrina Kind
Elementary Teacher

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