Sunday, May 20, 2012

iPad Helps Students Learn about Loggerhead Turtles

The fourth graders at Sandy Hill are studying Loggerhead Turtles during science class. We will be tracking their migration patterns and nesting habits.

To obtain some background knowledge on these creatures we set up 4 stations to go through to complete an information scavenger hunt!

At station 1 students highlighted information found in their science journals. Each color represented a different idea about Loggerheads.

At station 2 students read a non-fiction book about Loggerhead turtles with their group.

Station 3 consisted of students gathering around the teacher's computer to check out a National Geographic website page on the turtles.

Finally, at station 4, the students hovered around an iPad and watched a 7 minute clip from Discovery Education about the nesting habits of Loggerheads.

The class was so excited when they found out they were being trusted to use the iPad! Even just the freedom to pause the video or rewind to take notes was thrilling to them! They handled it incredibly well and were engaged the entire time! What a fun science lesson was had by all!

Kendra King
Sandy Hill Elementary

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