Sunday, April 29, 2012

JPS Teachers Receive iPads

Over the next few weeks, JPS classroom teachers will be receiving an iPad 2.  They will have this device throughout the summer to be able to become familiar with using the device before returning to school next fall.  It is imperative that the teachers be knowledgable and comfortable with the iPad before attempting to integrate it into their daily lessons.
By mid-October, we anticipate having all of our classrooms updated with a new iMac computer, a document camera, a digital projector, a full classroom integrated sound system, and an Apple TV configuration.

The classroom system integrates nicely with the iPad 2 allowing for the iPad content to be mirrored via the Apple TV to the projector.  Since the iPad works on our wireless network, we are essentially providing each classroom with a portable interactive whiteboard for students and teachers.

Undoubtedly, significant learning will be taking place among the teachers using the iPad.  The teachers will be asked to provide their thoughts, suggestions, and uses of the iPad in this blog.  The primary purpose of providing iPads for our teachers is to impact student learning in a positive way.  I will be asking the teachers to provide samples of the things that do just that; impact student learning in a positive way.

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